PhD Thesis

10. Kai Yang, Memory-centric Reconfigurable Accelerators for Energy Efficiency and Security, 2018.
09. Fengchao Zhang, Low-overhead Integrity Verification for Electronics and Beyond, 2018.
08. Robert A Karam, Energy-Efficient and Secure Reconfigurable Computing Architecture, 2017.
07. Abhishek Basak, Infrastrucutre and Primitives for Hardware Security in Integrated Circuits, 2016.
06. Wenchao Qian, Energy-Efficient Spatio-Temporal Reconfigurable Computing Framework, 2016.
05. Yu Zheng, Low-cost and Robust Countermeasures against Counterfeit Integrated Circuits, 2015.
04. Xinmu Wang, Hardware Trojan Attacks: Threat Analysis and Low-cost Countermeasures through Golden-free Detection and Secure Design, 2014.
03. Seetharam Narasimhan, Ultralow-Power and Robust Implantable Neural Interfaces: An Algorithm-Architecture-Circuit Co-Design Approach, 2012.
02. Somnath Paul, Computing with Memory for Energy-Efficient Robust Systems, 2011.
[EDAA Best Dissertation Award]
01. Rajat Subhra Chakraborty, Hardware Security through Design Obfuscation, 2010.